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Een 'Electro lecture/performance/concert' door Jonas Ohlsson

15 december 2023

Een 'Electro lecture/performance/concert' door kunstenaar Jonas Ohlsson

Alles wat wij mensen "cultuur" noemen komt voort uit spel, en ontwikkelt zich ook verder als spel. Als de mogelijkheid tot spelen onder druk komt te staan, is dus de hele cultuur in het geding. Aldus de gedachte van Johan Huizinga, zoals verwoord in zijn Homo ludens. Proeve eener bepaling van het spel-element der cultuur (1938). Voor en volgens kunstenaar Jonas Ohlsson nog steeds een heel inspirerend en urgent boek. Hij komt vertellen waarom.

Jonas Ohlsson over zijn performance bij Dat Bolwerck:

Einstein might have said (or not):

"Play is the highest form of research". What did he mean?

I will do an 'Electro lecture/performance/concert' at Dat Bolwerck talking & singing about Johan Huizinga's ideas about the playing human (Homo Ludens). I will sing about the 1968 exhibition "The Model, a model for a qualitative society" by Palle Nielsen and the radicality of curator Pontus Hulten who ran the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and later became the first director of the centre Pompidou.

Also a logical DUB mix of... The Black Panthers, Nude Scandinavian blondes, Concrete Poetry, Åke Hodell & Öyvind Falhström, Olof Palme in I am Curious-Yellow, the Vietnam war and why USA withdrew their Ambassador from Sweden.

And also about flow psychology and new discoveries in neuroscience about play, intuition and storing knowledge.

Is it possible to mix the playful with the meaningful and the political? Maybe I will argue that the playful is in itself political?

Since my show at the Cobra museum this summer I feel that I am becoming a posh-ter boy (Tronic) for playfulness, lightness and joy in art. I don't mind, but I would like to argue for some logical layers to it as well.

The reasons to WHY I believe in play, so I will try...

At Dat Bolwerck


15 december 2023

20:00 - 21:30 uur

Dat Bolwerck, Zaadmarkt 112, Zutphen

I use art to talk about important existential questions and to celebrate life

and to meditate about death and prepare myself for it.

Art and music is not a goal in itself for me, but a tool!

Before I became a cultural "speaker", I was a listener.

I listen carefully to what others have said and done before me.

I don't "believe” in art...I KNOW it works!

Art has changed me a million times and will continue to help me evolve, until the end of (my) time.

I believe that some people like art...others need it.

I need art and music!!!

I have an open, collaborative & organic practise.

My two main loves remain drawing and electronic music but I also work with porcelain,

jeans sculptures, wood installations, DJ’ing, writing and curating.

Each part helps strengthening and inspire the whole.


Jonas Ohlsson, 1967, Örebro, Sweden, studied at Örebro Art Academy, Gerrit Rietveld Academy and The Sandberg Institute. And has exhibited and performed in places such as Frankfurter Kunstverein, Sao Paulo Biennial, Palais de Tokio, Paris, Krinzinger gallery Vienna, De Appel, Amsterdam, Kling & Bang, Reykjavik,  Bonniers Konsthall Stockholm, Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CEAC Xiamen and the Marrakesh biennial among others...

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